Privacy Policy

  • 1.Use of Data CollectedThe WAGRI.WORLD Secretariat (the Secretariat), a part of the Technologies for Smart Bio-industry and Agriculture program from the Strategic Innovation Program, shall use all personal information collected as follows:
    1. To contact users with information or notifications regarding the website and related activities.
    Before using this information for any other purpose, the Secretariat will contact the owner and obtain prior permission.
  • 2.Provision of Data to Third PartiesThe Secretariat will not provide the personal information of any user unless compelled to do so by law or with the explicit permission of the user.
  • 3.Handling of Personal Information by ContractorsThe Secretariat may, as necessary, contract outside parties to handle users’ personal information.
    Before these outside parties are selected, they shall be screened in accordance with the Secretariat’s criteria. After selection, they shall be managed and directed by the Secretariat.
  • 4.Requests Concerning Personal InformationThe Secretariat shall respond to all requests from a user to disclose what information of theirs is held by the Secretariat and how it has been used, to delete or alter such information, or to cease usage or provision to a third party of this information, granted that this shall not be the case if prohibited or otherwise prevented by law.
  • 5.DisclaimerThe provision of any personal information by the user is optional. However, if the Secretariat are not provided with the necessary data, it may not be able to contact the user or provide the user with requested information. In the course of the activities to which this Privacy Policy applies, no information concerning personal beliefs, religion, race, ethnicity, physical ability, or any other sensitive information shall be gathered. However, if required by law and with the user’s explicit permission, such information may be gathered.
  • 6.Personal Information Management SystemThe Secretariat will manage all personal information gathered through these activities with the proper care and in accordance with all relevant laws, as well as all other privacy policies to which they are obligated to adhere, to ensure that information gathered is not lost, destroyed, altered, leaked, or used for unintended purposes.
  • 7.Website SecurityAll transmissions on websites or pages that handle personal information shall be made using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. However, there are cases in which a given user’s network environment cannot make use of SSL. The Secretariat are unable to ensure the safety of data transmitted using such unsecured network environments. The Secretariat shall not use cookies or web beacons to gather personal information.
  • 8.For Inquiries Regarding Personal InformationWAGRI.WORLD Secretariat